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Asic and GPU-farm colocation,
Equipment colocation for mining cryptocurrencies.
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EquipmentCost rubles/month
Antminer S9SE 16TH/s11520
Innosilicon A9+ 120 KSol/s13950
Antminer Z11 135 KSol/s12762
GPU-farm 1 kW9000
Innosilicon T2T-30T 30 TH/s19800
Canaan AvalonMiner 1066 50 TH/s29250

Cryptocurrency mining in Moscow

Finding a place for mining is not an easy task. There are cases of deception in Moscow. Trying to save money, people are led by cheap offers, and then the police cover up an underground mining hotel that was stealing electricity. In Moscow, the cost of electricity is about 6.5 rubles per 1 kW/hour. Salary of technical support engineers, taxes and output electricity for placing ASICs and GPU farms will be about 12.5 rubles per 1 kW / hour, or9000per 1 кВт per month.

Data center characteristics

Industrial cooling, power and communications are key features of a professional data center. Ordinary mining hotels boil in the summer, the equipment overheats and breaks down. We only work with professional cooling solutions for data centers. The solutions used allow maintaining the set temperature and the required air humidity inside the data center. Electricity is fed through the main beam to the switchboard. From it, the power goes to the engineering systems and the UPS, which meets strict requirements for reliability. Unlimited redundant internet channel and dedicated IP address so you can remotely connect to and monitor your ASIC miner.

In addition to the main characteristics, an important role is also played by: armed guards, video surveillance, access control systems.

You should not try to save money and look for the cheapest equipment placement options. Cheap services mean that somewhere they have saved on quality, which means with a decrease in the cost of services the risks of losing expensive mining equipment, failure of the data center, and overheating of equipment increase significantly.

Mining-hotel service


You can place ASIC miners on the day you apply or on any convenient day of the week. Our engineers will accept, check and place your miners.


The data center has a round-the-clock security and video surveillance service. Only data center engineers have access to the equipment.


We will help you connect to all pools. We will advise on the choice of equipment. We service the placed equipment. In touch 24/7.


Official agreement and payment: by bank transfer or electronic money, bank cards using an online cash register.


I like to host my farms in the Moscow mining hotel, stable electricity, temperature conditions, and most importantly - excellent support. Reasonable prices for services. The main advantage of this mining hotel is that it is also a data center, the company has been providing hosting services for almost 20 years and has vast experience.

Alexander N., Moscow

I have been renting a mining site since 2017. Thanks for the advice and help in setting up the equipment. I do not have to delve into the technical details myself.

Lyudmila K., Moscow

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The cost of hosting ASICs, GPU farms

The payback of equipment can go up to several months, depending on the growth of the cryptocurrency market capitalization. Mining hotel in Moscow with accommodation on the same day. We offer hosting for your ASIC farms with 24/7 technical support, security and maintenance. We have the ability to place miners both individually and in bulk, with a capacity of 10-30-100 kW. We are located on the territory of a secure facility, which completely excludes the penetration of strangers there. It is convenient to host ASIC farms in Moscow, since transport accessibility is a key parameter when choosing a site for investors in mining. Also in Moscow, the level of safety is higher.

Colocation ASIC Antminer S9SE 16TH/s

Antminer S9SE 16TH/s – 11520rubles/month

Productive Asik Bitmain Antminer S9 SE of the latest generation. Designed for bitcoin mining. Performance (hash) - 16 Th / s. Power consumption - 1280 W.

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Colocation ASIC Innosilicon A9+ 120 KSol/s

Innosilicon A9+ 120 KSol/s – 13950rubles/month

Continuation of the popular line of ASICs based on the Equihash algorithm. Power consumption - 1550 W.

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Colocation ASIC-майнер Antminer Z11 135 KSol/s

Antminer Z11 135 KSol/s – 12762rubles/month

An efficient miner based on the Equihash algorithm. Power consumption - 1418 watts.

Colocate asic in data-center

Colocation GPU-фермы 1 кВт

GPU-ферма 1 кВт – 9000rubles/month

We accept for placement any type of GPU-farms and in any cases. The price is indicated on the basis of 1 kW.

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Hosting Innosilicon T2T-30T 30 TH/s

Innosilicon T2T-30T 30 TH/s – 19800rubles/month

The optimal combination of price and performance. Algorithm - SHA-256. Power consumption - 2200 W.

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Colocate Canaan AvalonMiner 1066 50 TH/s

Canaan AvalonMiner 1066 50 TH/s – 29250rubles/month

A powerful ASIC works with the SHA-256 algorithm and allows you to mine Bitcoin. Power consumption - 3250 W.

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